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CashPlus is a multi-purpose prepeid card that allows consumers to access economical, private, secure funds management tools and desirable prepaid services.

The new GPA CashPlus card works at over 400,000 ATM machines world wide. Cards can be loaded with cash for use online or at any Plus, Pulse, and Star ATM and merchant locations including most gas stations, grocery departments and drug stores (anywhere that accepts debit cards).

Today, over 90 million people rely on pay-as-you-go services - Internet access, cellular and long distance. Our card holders are teens, students, immigrants and unbanked workers. Soon PPO will be coming out with a other stored value products including prepaid gas card, prepaid gift cards and prepaid shopping cards.

CashPlus performs many of the same functions as a debit card associated with a traditional checking account. It also provides access to services that many consumers need but are unable to access due to credit-related issues, creating a valuable multiple-purpose financial tool.

For non-US citizens who routinely send money "back home" the CashPlus card is less expensive and more convenient than other funds transfer services.

Purchasing power, ATM cash access, and great deals on prepaid cellular, long distance and Internet - CashPlus cards are more valuable than money! Teens and students need services but they also need a budget - the prepaid CashPlus card is a perfect way to teach financial discipline! For 90+ million consumers who need prepaid, pay-as-you-go services, CashPlus is a money management tool and MORE.

Call 888-750-1187 for more information or to place an order.

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