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Phone Cards

GPA has produced and sold tens of millions of phone cards since 1998 and has one of the longest continuously marketed brand names in the industry. We understand the basic secret to selling prepaid phone cards - design them so they will be purchased the second time. Anyone can create and sell a phone card, but getting the customer to want to purchase that card the second and third time is the key element to success.

We offer a wide variety of domestic and international prepaid phone cards along with aggressive wholesale pricing for our dealers and retailers. All cards are available through the GPAirtime Virtual Terminal and can be printed out at the time of sale, or in advance for over the counter ready-to-go orders.

The original and still the most popular phone card in the United States, the CLEAN CARD has no fees, no taxes, no surcharge and a low 2.8 rate per minute for domestic calls and equally low rates to all international destinations. Millions of "The Clean Card" have been sold since 2001 and it continues to be one of the best selling cards in the market the last 6 years.

GPA offers a wide variety of international cards featuring great rates all over the world. Our two most popular card series are the Xpress Series and the Best Rates Series. Your GPAirtime Terminal will be fully stocked with an unlimited supply of $5, $10, $25 and $50 denominations and all GPA cards are rechargeable. Click here for our most current wholesale pricing.

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