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GPA delivers a variety of turnkey, single and multi- application services that seamlessly and in real-time deliver a full array of prepaid products and services that are of vital importance to retail merchants.
Service Providers Supported

GPA's proprietary platform services the widest spectrum of dispensing devices (from in-line systems to stand-alone terminals) with the most useful payment methodologies (e-voucher, POSA, Top-up, and Stored-value recharge) available in the market today.

GPA is positioned as a partner with our Processor, ISO, and distributor clients. We work very hard to improve our client's value proposition to retailers in such a way to avoid channel conflicts. GPA serves as a specialized technology and processing partner to enable our clients to deliver the most competitive and useful processing solutions to their retail and merchant accounts.

Merchant processors and ISOs who pair their traditional payment services with GPA's suite of prepaid services will enjoy better acquisition success, higher merchant retention rates, and a substantial boost revenue per merchant. GPA has also adopted the most stringent set of merchant processor "best practices" to ensure the highest system uptime, reliability, and security in the sector.

Finally, GPA makes prepaid a turn-key proposition for merchant acquirers, processors and ISOs. Our systems operate either side-by-side or integrated with the merchant processor's application. We supply all the needed prepaid product lines and support the design and implementation of thoughtful retail merchandising systems to support the sale of these products in the store.

Retailer Solutions

Designed and built for a wide variety of retail environments, GPA's technology allows multiple prepaid services to be sold through a simple, turn-key application that enhances customer convenience, loyalty and brand awareness and dramatically simplifies the manager's task of administering a full prepaid product line.

We provide and support a variety of dispensing options, including:

  • Point of sale system integration
  • Stand-alone terminals
  • Kiosk applications and integration
  • ATM Integration
  • Web Browser Access
  • IVR Application
  • XML interfaces

  • GPA Virtual Terminal

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