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Market Overview
Prepaid Wireless Airtime is the fastest-growing segment of the prepaid industry with millions of new subscribers switching from traditional post-paid contracts to the more versatile prepaid option. In addition to the adults, the youth market is fueling tremendous growth. Almost everywhere you look, kids from age 11 years to senior citizens all carry prepaid wireless phone. And the repeat business is phenomenal as prepaid wireless customers refill their phones on average every 41 days with an average refill of $33.71. Once you've established a customer, the repeat orders flow automatically.

Market Challenges
Unlike prepaid calling cards, prepaid wireless airtime minutes are the same no matter where the consumer buys them. A $25 Prepaid T-Mobile card delivers the same number of minutes whether the customer buys it at a T-Mobile store, at the gas station, the convenience store or Wal-Mart. The same applies to all the other carriers. The biggest problem facing the distributor, dealer or retailer is managing inventory as all the carriers require advance payment for prepaid wireless refill cards and projecting the quantity of cards needed is difficult at best. No matter what you may order, you can find your customer wanting something you don't have in stock.

Market Solution
The prepaid wireless carriers all require prepayment for pins, which can be an expensive proposition if you want to stock all the carriers and all their respective denominations. You could literally tie up $50,000 in inventory and then still run out if you don't order and re-order accurately - for one location. If you are a wholesaler and service many locations, it could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the GPAirtime system, we take most of that expense and management out of the equation. We maintain a virtually unlimited inventory of all the carriers and denominations, at our expense and allow wholesale customers to draw pins from our "pin warehouse" in real-time 24/7.

Product Delivery
With the GPAirtime system you can offer your distribution channel two delivery options for prepaid wireless refills. First, you can enable your retailers to print out prepaid wireless refill cards on demand from any carrier, any denomination with 4 quick mouse clicks, or you can pre-print them for over the counter sales. Remember - in either instance these refills work exactly the same as the printed cards sold in the wireless retail stores.

Low Cost to Market & Dealer Pricing
Each wholesale account requires a pin deposit and a signed ACH agreement. Your designated bank account will then be drafted based on your actual sales. Depending on your volume, this could be weekly, could grow to be daily if your sales levels dictate it. You will be provided with a separate online web portal to manage your wholesale accounts, run reports, do bulk sales and pull individual pins if necessary. Complete training is provided to all GPAirtime wholesale customers. For wholesale pricing, download our current wireless wholesale rate sheet.

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